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Braised Beef Ragu


Tender all natural beef, braised with carrots, celery & onions. Simmered for hours in Burgundy wine & fresh beef stock reduction. Served over a bed of fresh radiatore pasta; finished with shaved Parmesan cheese.

Extra Sauce:5 ounces red sauce +$1.955 ounces pink sauce +$2.955 ounces Alfredo sauce +$3.955 ounces Bolognese sauce +$4.955 ounces spicy pink +$2.955 ounces spicy red sauce +$1.955 ounces milanese +$2.955 ounces Marsala +$3.95
Soup or Salad:Chicken Soup Garden Salad Caesar +$1.95
Take-out Add-ons:2 slices of bread +$0.50grated cheese +$1extra house dressing +$0.50
Change Pasta:Home made of the week Rigatoni Thin Spaghetti Penne


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